Traditional Cookies


Choc-chip Hazelnut, Old Fashion Sweet and Spicy, Cappuccino, Peanut butter, Romany Cream, Ginger Cookies


A fresh  pastry shell filled with sweet tangy apricot jam and topped with coconut meringue. Baked to perfection, this can be a golden moment when popped into your mouth. You can be transported back to childhood years in an instant. A picture of tins filled with Hertzoggies on the pantry shelves come to mind.

Ginger Cookies

A ginger explosion in your mouth that will give you that moment of closing your eyes with the first bite. It brings back many childhood memories.

Date delights (Dadelvingers)

The butterscotch taste mixed with the dates and crunchy biscuits make this a treat that is often underestimated!! Simply perfection!!

Romany Cream Cookie

A rich decadent chocolate and coconut cookie filled with dark chocolate filling. This cookie calls for a glass of milk.

Choc-chip and Hazelnut Cookie

This cookie is a combination of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and hazelnuts. Mmmm…one of the baker’s most popular cookies.

Old Fashioned Sweet and Spicy Cookie

What a lovely combination of an intense sweet spicy flavor with a crunchy texture of almond meal, butter and sugar.  This cookie smells like grandma’s kitchen.

Peanut Butter Cookie

This is a soft melt-in-the-mouth texture and crispy on the edges creation with a burst of smooth peanut butter. This cookie will leave your taste buds smiling.

Cappuccino Cookie

If you love coffee this one is for you.  Delicious coffee biscuit with a coffee fudge filling.  It is just like your coffee shop moment… only in a cookie.

Rainbow Cookie

Deliciously baked vanilla sugar cookie topped with candy coated chocolate.  Always a favourite for kids… and enjoyed by adults too.  A bright and cheerful treat!